NOVELLA: Operation Survive

Operation Survive FINAL

(Novella, Kindle World)
Written by Koji Steven Sakai

Bryan Suzuki has been obsessed with the end of the world since the first grade. Thirty plus years later, he’s still waiting for the apocalypse. But now he’s got a well-stocked bunker and a family. So when he gets word about a mysterious Ebola outbreak at O’Hare International Airport and an attack at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, he’s ready. He tries to warn his co-workers and his wife who is actually in Chicago for business. The problem? No one believes him. Not even his young teenage son—whom he pulls out of school via gun point. Almost as soon as they get to the bunker, all hell breaks loose. Variants—aka: super zombies created by a weaponized version of Ebola—are on the hunt. Will Bryan and his son be able to survive the coming apocalypse? And at what price?

OPERATION: Survive is based in the world of the best selling book series Extinction Cycle.


operation survive is no longer available for purchase