Documentary: Searching for Romeo & Juliet

Can we find an Asian American Romeo and Juliet?

Casting “Searching for Romeo and Juliet.”We are looking for Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) Romeos and Juliets for our documentary. We are out to prove that APIA’s can play Romeo and Juliet. Prove us right! Those cast will be included in a week long free Shakespeare acting workshop and then a showcase of selected scenes in front of a live audience.

What we are looking for: We are looking for a diverse set of APIA Romeos/Juliets. If you are transgender, of the “wrong” age or the “wrong” body – but if you have always felt that you had a Romeo or Juliet inside you, we want to see you.

  • Directed by Jeff Liu and Ryun Yu
  • Produced by Koji Steven Sakai, Roxy Shih, and Scott Shima