SHORT FILM: Executive Order 13800


Executive Order 13800
(Short Film)
Directed by Mustafa Rony Zeno
Written by Koji Steven Sakai and Mustafa Rony Zeno
Produced by Koji Steven Sakai
What if what happened to Japanese Americans during World War II happened again today to Muslim and Arab Americans?

Writer/Producer and former executive at the Japanese American National Museum Koji Steven Sakai and filmmaker/cultural anthropologist Mustafa Rony Zeno, and producer Phinny Kiyomura are looking for your help to fund their newest film Executive Order 13800. This is a project that touches upon both of their passions for social Justice and for telling compelling human dramas.

Executive Order 13800 is inspired by the internment of Japanese American during World War II. But instead of happening 75 years ago, it is happening today with Muslim and Arab Americans.

EO13800  follows an Arab American family after a second major terrorist attack to hit the United States in one month. President Trump issues Executive Order 13800 which gives all Muslim Americans two weeks to report to a government site to register. During those two weeks, the family’s world turns completely upside down. With the executive order, they instantly lose their civil rights — such as new curfew laws prohibit them from going out after dusk, they are no longer able to gather or pray together, they can’t express their faith publicly and not to mention the constant threat of violence against them.

Both Koji and Mustafa have been working on this project for the past year. However, they abandoned it a year ago because it seemed too far-fetched. However, because of the results of the recent presidential election, they both now see that the scenario found in EO13800 could actually happen. Koji, being a descendant of a camp survivor, believes this is one of his most important projects he’s ever worked on. He has made it his life’s work to educate people about the camps and to ensure that what happened to his family never happens to anyone ever again.