Books, Graphic Novels, Novels, & more writing

Koji Steven Sakai’s debut novel, Romeo & Juliet Vs. Zombies, was released in paperback by Luthando Coeur in 2015 and in audiobook in 2016, his Amazon Kindle World novella, Operation Survivewas released in the October of 2016, and his graphic novel, 442, was released in February 2017 by Stela and in print by Little Nalu Pictures LLC in 2019. His latest novel, Zombie Run, was recently released in print and ebook in May of 2019 by Solstice Publishing and his most recent graphic novel, Santa Vs. Zombies, was released in 2019 by Outland Entertainment.

His stories have been featured in New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei, Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology, Secret Identities Volume 2: Shattered, and Pho for Life.

One of his passions is reading and writing creepypastas (Internet horror stories). Check out his creepypasta: “Something.”

Finally, Koij’s passionate about politics and Asian American issues. For many years he wrote for the blog 8Asians.