Call for entries

Call for entries.

Go For Broke National Education Center Seeks Artists for Exhibition

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, Go For Broke National Education Center (GFBNEC) will host H.R. 442: Nisei Veterans and the Fight for Civil Liberties, a temporary exhibition highlighting stories of Japanese American World War II veterans and their instrumental role in the fight for redress. To accompany the temporary exhibition, GFBNEC is searching for two or three local artists to create new pieces inspired by the Nisei veterans’ lasting influence on the redress movement.

The exhibition will include such important stories as the relationship between U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye and Hawaii statehood; Kazuo Masuda and Ronald Reagan; and Rudy Tokiwa and U.S. Rep. Charles Bennett. Other stories will highlight Senator Spark Matsunaga; Jim Kawaminami’s Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians testimony; and the Texas Congressional Delegation, including U.S. Senators Jim Wright and Sam Rayburn. These narratives will be framed within a timeline that will help give a broader perspective of the redress movement.

Two-dimensional proposals of drawings/sketches, images, or renderings along with a brief statement (~250 words) may be submitted for consideration. Final pieces to be exhibited may be three-dimensional. Please note the physical exhibition space is limited. GFBNEC staff will work with the artists’ proposals on size restrictions on an individual basis. At the conclusion of the exhibition, all pieces will be auctioned off at the annual Evening of Aloha gala dinner. GFBNEC is offering a $500 stipend to each selected artist.

The exhibition will run from Saturday, August 4, 2018 through Sunday, September 16, 2018.

To enter, please submit an online form by clicking here.

DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: Sunday, June 3, 2018

For further information, please contact Andie Kimura at

Proposals due: June 3, 2018
Artist Selection: June 8, 2018
Installation: July 30-31, 2018
Exhibition VIP Opening: August 3, 2018
Exhibition Public Opening: August 4, 2018
Exhibition Closing: September 16, 2018

About Go For Broke National Education Center
Go For Broke National Education Center (GFBNEC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that educates the public on the valor of Japanese American veterans of World War II and their contributions to democracy. Our goal is to inspire new generations to embody the Japanese American veterans’ core values of courage, sacrifice, equality, humility and patriotism. Founded in 1989, GFBNEC maintains the Go For Broke Monument and the interactive “GFBNEC’s Defining Courage Exhibition” in downtown Los Angeles, as well as extensive oral histories and archives, education and training programs, and other initiatives. For more information, please visit


Santa Monica Public Library Talk

I’ll be in Santa Monica on June 2 @ 2pm.


The Story of the 442nd Regiment in WWII— Rob Sato, Phinneas Kiyomura and Koji Steven Sakai, creators of the digital graphic novel 442, present an illustrated talk about the 442nd Regiment, the U.S. Army’s Japanese American combat unit of WWII. Presenters share the history of this most highly decorated unit of the war through family stories and striking visuals.

Saturday, June 2 at 2:00pm | Main Library, MLK, Jr. Auditorium, 601 Santa Monica Blvd.

442 @ Giant Robot


This coming Saturday, Giant Robot will be hosting the illustrations of Rob Sato for “442,” a graphic novel written by myself and Phinny Kiyomura.

442: Original Art From The Graphic Novel
Featuring the work of Rob Sato
April 14 – May 2, 2018
Giant Robot 2 (GR2)
2062 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90025
Opening Reception
Saturday, April 14, 2018
6:30 PM – 10:00 PM

The exhibition will showcase the original panels from the comic, each hand-painted in watercolor. 442 refers to the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, the segregated unit of Japanese American soldiers who fought for the United States in World War II. Despite 120,000 Japanese Americans being placed in concentration camps, thousands volunteered and fought in Europe and served in intelligence services in the Pacific.
Among those who were interned but still fought were my Grandfather, Roy Sato. Born and raised in California’s Central Valley, he and his family were incarcerated in the Jerome and Rohwer Arkansas camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He joined the 442nd and fought in Europe while his family remained behind barbed wire back home.

8Asians Book Review: The Repatriation of Henry Chin

8Asians Book Review: The Repatriation of Henry Chin

8Asians Book Review: The Repatriation of Henry ChinThe Repatriation of Henry Chin, written by Issac Ho and read by Anthony Lee on audiobook, is about a future where the United States has been in an escalating trade war with China which eventually leads to the roundup of all Chinese Americans into “internment” camps—a la, the Japanese Americans during World War II. This book is a powerful reminder of what could happen to us—as Americans—when we let our fears get the best of […] Continue »


Movie Night Podcast Episode 198


I was a honored to be a guest on the Movie Night podcast with TK Kelly and Dwayne Perkins. We discuss zombies, the end of the world, and one of my favorite movies, Requiem for a Dream–which I should mention was written by one of my USC writing teachers Hubert Shelby Jr.

Take a listen here:

Be sure to subscribe to their podcast, big fan of them and their show. And just in case you can’t get enough of my lovely voice, you can listen to me on Episode 38 discussing the Bronx Tale.


Brash Girls Club

Come watch a new comedy show that Quentin Lee and I are producing featuring Kimberly McVicar, Melanie Maras and Leah Mansfield. We will be recording a 90 min. comedy special on Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 7:00 pm @ CSz LA at the El Portal Theatres in North Hollywood.

KIMBERLY McVICAR accidentally became a comedian at the age of five, by blurting out, “don’t worry mom, I know to lie!” when asked about her family during the Canadian version of Star Search (Tiny Talent Time). Kimberly has performed stand-up from LA to New York to Dublin to Australia. Kimberly was the most popular online Stand Up in USA for Laugh Factory 2016 and won funniest comic at The Battle of the Axe, in Dublin Ireland 2017. Kimberly also has over a million view on Funny or Die.

Multi-ethnic and bi-cultural, MELANIE MARAS is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. Melanie is an award-winning writer, comic, and storyteller who performs all over the world. She represented Indonesia in the Semifinals of the Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World Competition 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. The judges awarded her one of the highest scores for her performance. Melanie is the subject of a new documentary by Abe Forman-Greenwald that follows her stand-up journey as an Indonesian-American comic. Her digital series, INTERNATIONAL MUTT, is currently being developed by WBs Stage 13 and director Anna Mastro.

From the moment pint-sized comedian LEAH MANSFIELD takes the stage, audiences are as interested as they are impressed. Being the daughter of Native American hippie scientists and the second of seven siblings provides Leah with an endless well of anecdotal family stories. After years of diligently not doing much of anything, Leah began her adventure into standup comedy. Her unique ability to couple a whirlwind of comedic energy with her original outlook on life has allowed Leah to travel across the country as a festival favorite, and feature for national headliners such as Tom Green, Jimmy Dore, and Eddie Ifft. You can hear her on XM/Sirius Satellite Radio.

Please note that this is a LIVE TAPING so come early and be prepared to laugh! Beer and Wine are available for purchase.

Purchase your ticket today:

My Creepypasta: “Something”

Check out my Creepypasta “Something.” It’s been getting some good feedback on the creepypasta sites. If you can go to LINK and give it 5 stars!


My friend’s been locked up for a while now. He’s been begging me for ages to share this with people. For the record, I don’t believe any of it. But I promised him I’d write down everything he said verbatim. Take it or leave it as you please.

You’re not gonna believe me. No one ever does. But I’m gonna tell you my story and you’re gonna have to decide if I’m a murdering and lying a*****e or not. I’m currently a resident in San Quentin State Prison doing life without the possibility of parole. In other words, I’m f****d. Unless Jesus comes down and saves my a*s, I’m gonna die in here.

The first thing you have to know about me is that I’m innocent. Despite what you saw on the news, I didn’t kill my family. Before you stop reading, I know everyone says they’re innocent. Hell, everyone in San Quentin is innocent, right? But I REALLY didn’t do it.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m not gonna try to sell you some b******t about how I was this perfect citizen and that everything was hunky-dory between me and Tricia. They weren’t. Far from it. But I loved her. We fought about as hard as we f****d. And to be completely honest with you all, I knew she wanted a divorce. I saw the text messages on her phone. And you know what? I don’t blame her. Thinking back now, I was a terrible husband. I probably drank too much. No, I’ll be honest: I did drink too much. But I never ever ever laid a hand on her or the kids. I don’t have much pride, but I pride myself on not being an abusive a*****e like my own dad.

When I heard what happened to Tricia and the kids, I knew I would be the first suspect. It’s always the husband or wife, right? And when the police left me in that room, I thought and thought. Did I do it? Could I have killed my whole family? But no matter how much I racked my brain, I don’t even remember being within a mile of that house. Where was I? I was out at the game and then I went to the bar with Mike.

You would think that you would remember killing your entire family. And if not the actual killing part but SOME part of it. The driving over there, the opening the door, the creak of the goddamn wooden floor outside the master. SOMETHING. But that’s the thing, I don’t remember none of it. Not a single second.

And don’t say I was drunk. I may have had one beer at the game. Two at the most. And a beer or two more at the bar after. But c’mon, we all know no matter how drunk you are, you remember something. I’ve never been so wasted that I remember nothing. And that’s the thing, I remember NOTHING. ZERO. And that’s why I’m innocent. Because I wasn’t there.

The first time I heard what really happened at the house was in court. Tricia was stabbed 89 times. 89 f*****g times! The kids… less. But too much. I don’t want to get into it. Let’s just say there was so much blood everywhere the police thought that a dozen people had been killed in that room. Not just the three bodies that were lying on the bed.

The crime scene photos were hard to look at, but the first time they showed them in court I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Because I had seen them before. But not in real life. In my imagination. I know this sounds horrible, but I’m going to admit something that is gonna make me look bad. In my deepest darkest moments, I had imagined hurting my family. But I would never REALLY considered do it. It was just something that helped me blow off some steam. I assumed it was just some terrible coincidence.

When the neighbors said they saw me go inside the house and then leaving the house, I thought they were f*****g liars! I assumed that they just hated me and were making up stories… Because how could they see ME going into the house? And then my so-called friend Mike went up there and said he hadn’t been at the game with me. In fact, he told them he hadn’t seen me in months. That d**k! How could he go up there and tell such a bald face lie?

But when they showed the jury the security camera video of me buying the knife at the store, I almost fell out of my chair. Because right there on the screen, it was me. I thought it was some kinda joke, because I’ve never in my whole life been to that store, let alone bought a knife from there. But that guy didn’t just look like me, he WAS me!

I don’t blame the jury. If I were the jury and saw that video and listened to that testimony, I would have done the same thing they did. But I swear, it was someone else. And you gotta believe that even though he looked like me, walked like me, and had the same dumb look as me, that IT WASN’T ME.

Are you still reading this? I wouldn’t blame you if you stopped. I know I sound like a crazy person. But I’m gonna go to my grave telling anyone who’ll listen that it wasn’t me in that video. The first week at San Quentin, I told some of the other guys my story. Some of them looked at me like I was off my rocker. These are pedophiles and murderers telling ME that I was crazy. But a few, they looked at me like I wasn’t totally insane. Those guys I got to know and when I trusted them, I told them everything. And you know what? They believed me. Why? Because they say the same s**t happened to them.

You ever wonder why all the neighbors always say: “He seemed like such a nice guy” right after he went on some shooting spree at work? When I heard people say that, I used to laugh at them for being so damn ignorant. Now I see it for what it is. They weren’t being ignorant. It’s because maybe the person who committed crime wasn’t them.

Over the last few years, I’ve had a lot of time to think about things. The best I can figure is that “something” comes into us and takes over our bodies when we’re really angry or stressed. They know what our fantasies are and they do what we couldn’t—or maybe wouldn’t—do ourselves. And we go somewhere else far far away, that’s why we don’t remember anything. It’s sort of like an alien abduction but without the little gray aliens and the a**l probes.

When I first discovered all of this, I spent hours looking at myself in the mirror and intentionally trying to get myself worked up about my situation. Most of the time I imagined killing the guards and escaping. I would study my reflection and hope that there would be some sign saying that “something” has come back. Like my eyes would turn black or roll up into my heads. But that’s just in the movies. No matter how hard I tried, I didn’t see any sign of that “something.”

I’m telling you all of this to warn you. Don’t let yourself get too angry. Don’t fantasize about doing anything bad. Or you just might end up like me.

PS: Before you ask, I have no idea what the “something” is. I wish I did. Sometimes I think it’s an alien or a demon. But one thing I’ve come to believe… it’s in all of us.