Writer/Producer Koji Steven Sakai is the founder of Little Nalu Pictures LLC. He has written five feature films that have been produced, Haunted Highway (2006), The People I’ve Slept With (2009), Monster & Me (2013), #1 Serial Killer (2013), and Dying to Kill (2016). In addition, his screenplay, Romeo, Juliet, & Rosaline, was optioned by Amazon Studios.

He has produced The People I’ve Slept With, #1 Serial Killer, Dying to KillDwayne Perkins: Take Note (2015), a one hour comedy special currently on Netflix, and Comedy InvAsian (2017), a live and filmed series featuring the nation’s top Asian American comedians.

Koji’s debut novel, Romeo & Juliet Vs. Zombies, was released in paperback by Luthando Coeur in 2015 and in audiobook in 2016, his Amazon Kindle World novella, Operation Survive, was released in the October of 2016, and his graphic novel, 442, was released in February 2017 by Stela, a new online comic book company. He also had stories featured in Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero AnthologySecret Identities Volume 2: Shattered, and Pho for Life.

Koji is a graduate from the University of Southern California’s Masters of Professional Writing program. He studied under teachers such as Syd Field, Oscar nominated writer/producer/director Mel Shavelson, and iconic novelist Hubert Selby Jr.

He has held several prestigious fellowships and writing awards. Some of his notable awards and fellowships are the Screenwriting Expo 4: New Visions Fellowship Award (2005), Visual Communication’s Armed with a Camera (2006), Film Independent’s Project: Involve (2007), The Writers Boot Camp Fellowship (2009), and The Producers Guild: Power of Diversity Workshop (2009).

In addition to his work in film, Koji is a regular contributor to, a blog dedicated to Asian American culture, history, and news. He lives with his wife, son, and dog in South Pasadena, California.

Click here to see Koji’s credits.

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