Feature Film: Skeletons in the Closet

Directed by Lance Kawas and Asif Akbar

Story by: Al Bravo

Written by: Koji Steven Sakai and Joshua A. Cohen

Producers are Bravo, Asif Akbar, Sakai, Colin Bates and Stan Erdreich.

Starring: Terrence Howard (Hustle & FlowEmpire), Cuba Gooding Jr (Jerry Maguire), Clifton Powell (Ray), and Valery M. Ortiz (2 Minutes of Fame).

The film is about the spirit of La Llorona granting a costly wish to the parents of a child by curing her of cancer. In saving the child, the mother of the child suffers the consequences by losing her beloved husband and becoming more evil until she pledges her allegiance to La Llorona. The father (Howard) spirals down the path of self-destruction after borrowing hard money from a ruthless mobster to pay the hospital bills for his daughter.