Upcoming Publication of Romeo and Juliet vs. Zombies by Koji Sakai

*Exciting news! 🙂 I’ve been working on this for the last few weeks. Very very very stressful writing, but fun!

F.W. Fife is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of Romeo and Juliet vs. Zombies, by Koji Sakai.  This is a brilliant and exciting adaptation of the Shakespeare play, but with the added layer of zombie outbreak.  Sakai is an extremely talented writer, although, in truth, the editors would recommend this work on the premise alone!

Verona is in the throes of an ongoing blood-fued between the Montague and Capulet families.  Prince Escalus, ruler of the ancient city state, has forbidden any further episodes of fighting – on pain of death.  Lovelorn Romeo, a Montague, and the lovely Juliet, a Capulet, meet one evening at a masked ball.  Marriage is soon decided upon, though its implications for the feuding families is anything but certain.

Meanwhile, however, the malevolent Friar Lawrence has his own plans for mischief.  As a result of secret researches, Lawrence has found a way to reanimate the dead.  Verona’s nemesis unleashes a zombie plague upon the city.  Foremost members of the two families – the noble Benvolio, Paris, and Tybalt – must contend with this new and deadly foe.  Romeo and Juliet must fight for their families’ honor, and for their lives.  We will not say too much more about the outcome, except that it shall be deemed synonymous with excitement.  Readers will have an anxious wait until May, 2014, when Romeo and Juliet vs. Zombies first becomes available!

via Upcoming Publication of Romeo and Juliet vs. Zombies by Koji Sakai.

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