8Asians: Top 5 Asian American Athletes

Top 5 Asian American AthletesI heart professional sports. I love baseball, basketball, and football. I’m mostly obsessed with my local teams (Dodgers, Lakers, USC, and now Chargers). To prove it, I spend way too much time on fantasy sports. (On a side note, I’m the commissioner of a dynasty football league and we’re looking for a new owner so if interested, hit me up). That’s why when I tried to figure out what I should write about, I couldn’t […] Continue »

8Asians: What if the “aliens” who crashed in Roswell were really Japanese?

What if the “aliens” who crashed in Roswell were really Japanese?

I’m obsessed with all things aliens—and in the time of Trump, I should be clear, the ones from outer space not the non-citizens. I’ve gone to UFO conventions, watch every alien-themed documentary on Netflix, and listen to every paranormal podcast. Like Mulder on X-Files, “I want to believe.” So that’s why I was surprised when I read Nick Redfern’s new book, The Roswell UFO Conspiracy: Exposing A Shocking And Sinister Secret, that claims that maybe the aliens that crashed in Roswell were not actually aliens but humans from Japan. I’ve heard of people thinking Asians might be aliens. I even wrote an 8Asians article about it […] Continue »



May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and I’m excited to announce that you can watch Dying to Kill and other important/great/fun Asian American movies on Comcast!

To watch the films, go to XFINITY On Demand. Say “CAAM” or “Dying to Kill” to your X1 Voice Remote to see the featured collection. You can also search for the films on On Demand by their titles.

To check out some of the other films, go to: CAAM Blog

Unheard LA


I will be doing a story at Unheard LA which is is part of KPCC InPerson series on May 13 at 5:30 in Hollywood. I’ll be talking about my family’s “camp” story. My friend Kristina Wong will also be doing a story! I believe tickets are FREE but you should probably RSVP.


The Assistance League of Los Angeles Playhouse
1367 North St. Andrews Place
Hollywood, CA 90028

Here is more about the show:

The Assistance League of Los Angeles Playhouse is tucked away in a nondescript building on a nondescript corner in Hollywood. Inside is an historic theater that will house KPCC In Person’s third “Unheard LA,” an electric show featuring the Young Storytellers and community storytellers from across Southern California. Lose yourself in personal pieces, which range from a 14-year-old’s unyielding stance on screen time to a desperate search for Zumba in K-Town and the day TSA changed one person’s understanding of identity.

Join us as actor, director and writer Bruce A. Lemon Jr. hosts the show. Then stick around afterward for a mixer with the performers and fellow attendees.


Bruce A. Lemon Jr. – host
Faryal Ahsan
Hilary Hattenbach
Ash Nichols
Erica Rey
Richard Reyes
Koji Steven Sakai
Kristina Wong
Young Storytellers

And here is more about the series:

As part of this series, we’ll be hearing true stories from people of different walks of life and diverse experiences. While all of our programming is intended to be inclusive and for a broad audience, it’s possible certain themes or language may not be deemed appropriate for all ages. If this were a movie, we’d probably rate it PG. If you’d like more information or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at events@kpcc.org. Thanks!

8Asians Article: Graphic Novel: 442; first 6 chapters have been released for free

Graphic Novel: 442; first 6 chapters have been released for free

Graphic Novel: 442; first 6 chapters have been released for freeThe first six chapters of my new graphic novel “442” have been released for free on the comic reading app “Stela Unlimited”. Written by Phinny Kiyomuraa and myself, and illustrated (in beautiful watercolor) by Robert Sato, “442” is based on one of World War II’s most compelling and important stories. The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was the U.S. Army’s Japanese American segregated fighting regiment. The 442nd would become the most decorated unit of the War, […] Continue »

1st 6 Chapters of “442” Graphic Novel is Now Available


The first six chapters of “442” will release TODAY for FREE on the comic reading app “Stela Unlimited”. The app is available to download for FREE.

It’s confusing because the app info in itunes will say a subscription is $9.99 per month, but I think that applies only to certain content. The app itself and “442” chapters 1-6 should be free to view.

For more info visit Stela and https://stela.com/

Written by Koji Steven Sakai and Phinny Kiyomura, and illustrated by Rob Sato, “442” is based on one of World War II’s most compelling and important stories. The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was the U.S. Army’s Japanese American segregated fighting regiment. The 442nd would become the most decorated unit of the War, and the most decorated unit of its size and length of service in American history. Even with their families confined behind barbed wire in American concentration camps, these soldiers fought to rescue a Texas battalion lost behind enemy lines. A fictionalized account based on the actual events, “442” follows young Japanese Americans soldiers as they suffer prejudice, internment and terrible casualties in in their battle to rescue the Lost Battalion.

“442” releases on a historic weekend. This upcoming Sunday, February 19th, is known in the Japanese American community as the “Day of Remembrance” and marks the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 which authorized the imprisonment of up to 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry, around two thirds of whom were American citizens. The artist Rob Sato wrote, “While I think this piece of history should always maintain a solid place in the collective memory of the United States and the world, it’s relevance to current events is clear and urgent.”

Here are a few of my favorite panels from Chapter 1. The entire comic is hand painted in watercolor by Rob.


8Questions: Comedy InvAsian with Atsuko Okatsuka

8Questions: Comedy InvAsian with Atsuko Okatsuka

By Koji Steven Sakai on Feb 09, 2017 02:00 pm
A few years ago, I was lucky enough to produce a one hour special for the super talented Dwayne Perkins called Take Notes. (If you want to check it out, it’s on Netflix). It was a fun and great project to work on. That’s why when director/producer Quentin Lee and I were trying to figure out our next project, doing a stand up series featuring Asian Americans made sense. Comedy InvAsian is what came out of […] Continue »