What If Our Government Locked Up Muslim Americans Like They Did Japanese Americans?

Check out Part I of my newest short story: Goofy. I originally wrote this story 2013 for a children’s book about the Japanese American World War II experience. I published it on 8Asians in 2014. However, with the recent events and rhetoric surrounding our presidential election, I started becoming worried that the events of this short story could happen again—not to Japanese American but to Muslim and Arab Americans.

I wanted to reimagine these events if they happened today to help make sure it doesn’t happen again. As I tell my four-year-old every day, we as decedents of people who were wrongly incarcerated in camps have a moral responsibility to make sure it never happens again. Here is my way of reminding us of our past so we don’t repeat it again.

nara dog evacuation image

By Koji Steven Sakai

Moe Hassan’s10th birthday was on July 4, 2016 and he knew he wanted a dog. He even had a name picked out already. The dog’s name was going to be Goofy, which had always been his favorite Disney character.

For the entire month of June, Moe begged his dad to get him a dog.

“Dad, can I have a dog?” Moe would ask every time he saw him.

And every time Mr. Hassan would say, “No.”

But Moe wasn’t the kind of boy that took no for an answer. So he kept asking.

Read the rest of Part 1 here.

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