Listen to the Slanted View Podcast

Slanted View Podcast

Check out the latest episodes of “Slanted View,” a new CHOPSO presents podcast hosted by the CHOPSO Team — including Koji Steven Sakai, Quentin Lee, Sue Limsukonth and Alan Chan — and each offers their take on all things Asian.

Episode 101 “What is Asian American?” (Stream Free / Download MP3)

Episode 102 “Lunar New Year” (Stream Free / Download MP3)

Episode 103 “Valentine’s Day” (Stream Free / Download MP3)

Episode 104 “Momo” (Stream Free / Download MP3)

Episode 105 “Leaving Neverland and Pedophilic Desire” (Stream Free / Download MP3)

Episode 106 “Farewell to the Intern” (Stream Free / Download MP3)

To keep up to date with the podcast, please check out:

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