See Me at the Crushing the Myth Speaker @JANM

Crushing The Myth is a nationwide Speaker Series that features Asian Americans and allies. We aim to share Asian American stories and perspectives with a global audience while building a strong community of leaders, thinkers, and influencers.

Asian America today is more than just the “Model Minority” label. Let’s stop thinking Asian Americans are one big, stale monolith and start telling Asian American stories that make people LISTEN, LEARN, INSPIRE.

– Each topic below will be narrated by a speaker through their own story and experience.
– Audiences are encouraged to meet & discuss the stories in between speakers, during the intermission.


* Copper Cow Coffee & How I’m Crushing the International Food Aisle (Debbie Mullin)

* I Teach My Son To Hate Dr. Seuss and Why You Should Too (Koji Steven Sakai)

* How I Used My Superpower to Get Our Church to Embrace Queer and Trans People” (Pastor Ken Fong)
* Porn and Non-Profits: My Vision as an Asian American Man (William Lex Ham)

* Rules and Consequences: My Life in Public Education (Godfrey Plata)

* Strong not Skinny: How I Won an $80K Body Transformation Contest That Ultimately Changed My Thinking (Nina Nam)

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