Episode #80 Best or Worst Podcast Filmmaker & Musicians Robyn Rosenkrantz and Michael Glover

This week hosts Koji Steven Sakai and M. Martin Mapoma brought on filmmaker and musicians Robyn Rosenkrantz and Michael Glover. In this second episode, we put them on the spot and asked them about the best OR worst day of their life. They’re answer involved meeting people from a planned community created by Mussolini—yes, that Mussolini!  


After 7 feature films, a dozen CDs, and 30 years on the road, award-winning filmmakers & musicians Bright Blue Gorilla have plenty of entertaining stories to share. Producer Robyn Rosenkrantz and Director Michael Glover have been charming audiences around the world since 1990 when they quit their L.A. jobs, sold everything they had (except their guitars) and bought one-way tickets to Europe. They’ve been performing & traveling ever since and are still going strong! Their movies have been on Netflix and are currently available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, and other platforms. 


You can watch the whole episode here:

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Our society is so focused on celebrity, we sometimes forget that “regular” people lead interesting lives too! Best or worst moment of your life? Hosts Koji Steven Sakai and M. Martin Mapoma are here to let your story out. We put people on the spot. What are you going to hear? It could be funny, it could be poignant, it could be sad… you’ll know when we know.

Best or Worst is a twice-weekly podcast. On Tuesdays, we get to know our guests and on Thursdays, we find out their best or worst moment.

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