Comedy InvAsian Stand-Up Comedy Series Set To Premiere On Peacock May 1st

Unique stand-up comedy has finally invaded NBC’s premier streaming network.

Today, Peacock announced a new diverse stand-up comedy series set to premiere this spring entitled Comedy InvAsian. In an era where diversity in entertainment is a necessity, Comedy InvAsian is the brainchild effort of producers Koji Steven Sakai and Quentin Lee to showcase and celebrate the diversity of Asian American comedy in both genre and representation to the world.

Set to be released on May 1st, 2022, this season will feature performances from comedians Aidan Park, Nishy XL, Jiaoying Summers, George Wang, Vinayak Pal, Lin Sun, Rosie Tran, and Eli Nicolas.

Check out some of the clips from the show over at the article:

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