Comedy InvAsian 1.0

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Comedy InvAsian
(Television Series)
Directed by Quentin Lee
Produced by Koji Steven Sakai and Quentin Lee

Comedy InvAsian is a television series featuring the nation’s top and most unique Asian American comedians.

In an era where diversity in entertainment is a necessity, Comedy InvAsian is the brainchild effort of producers Koji Steven Sakai and Quentin Lee to showcase and celebrate the diversity of Asian American comedy in both genre and representation to the world.

The first season of Comedy Invasian featured six diverse Asian Americans (Robin Tran, Amy Hill, Kevin Yee, Paul Kim, Atsuko Okatsuka, and Joey Guila). The first season premiered on Hulu and is currently streaming on Pandora. (Links below).

Comedy InvAsian 2.0’s line-up of comedians include first-generation Indian/Pakistani-American Nishy XL, queer Korean American comedian Aidan Park, Pakistani American Vinayak Pal, Thai American Eli Nicolas, ex-Chinese beauty queen Jiaoying Summers, Cambodian single mom Lin Sun, Vietnamese American Louisiana transplant Rosie Tran, and veteran comedian turned skate coach George Wang.

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Here are some clips from the first season:

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Watch Comedy InvAsian Season 1

Watch Comedy InvAsian Season 1

Listen to the first season of comedy Invasian