The Unofficial Official Story Podcast

Aliens? Bigfoot? Slender Man? QAnon? The grassy knoll? The Zodiac Killer? We’ve heard all the stories and hypotheses trying to explain the unexplainable before, but what’s really going on? Join comedian Dwayne Perkins, writer Koji Steven Sakai, actress Jennifer Field, and their guests as they sift through the facts… and the fiction… to come up with the “official” story.

In each episode, Dwayne, Koji, and Jennifer invite a special guest, and together they take on one paranormal phenomenon, conspiracy, true crime, or mysterious event. First, they discuss the “facts” as currently known, and then they create the stories of what could’ve happened—complete with re-enactments. At the end, our hosts will collectively settle on the “official” story, which we expect the entire free world to use going forward.

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