Eddy Challenges Ted Bundy’s Body Count in this Trailer for #1 Serial Killer


Great article about #1 Serial Killer (formerly known as Chink)

Screenshot 2015-02-05 17.59.57


Tagline: “What if your quiet neighbor was Ted Bundy?”

Distribution house Indican Pictures has picked up Stanley Yung’s (2 Bedroom 1 Bath) #1 Serial Killer. This film, which was previously titled Chink, involves a working Joe going postal. And, Indican Pictures has released the film’s first trailer. The clip shows Eddy pushed to the breaking point. As well, the film starsJason Tobin, Eugenia Yuan, Rane Jamesonand Tzi Ma.

Read more here: www.28dayslateranalysis.com/2015/02/eddy-challenges-ted-bundys-body-count.html

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