442 Graphic Novel


442, the digital graphic novel I wrote with Phinny Kiyomura , illustrated in cool watercolor by Rob Sato , will soon be out on the Stela app — it’s presently just for iPhone, but will soon be on Android, too).

If you download the app — which is free — you can view the preview of our first episode. I don’t know the exact date that the series starts its full run, but it should be soon-ish.
It’s fun stuff!

The story is about young Japanese American men leaving their families behind in camps to fight a borderline suicide mission in France during the Second World War.



2 thoughts on “442 Graphic Novel

  1. We met and had several conversations with James and Jeanne Houston, many years ago. I know the 442nd was one of the most decorated units in the army during WWII. When can we get the full novel and where would we get it.

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