Announcing New Amazon Kindle World Novella: Operation Survive

About half way through a novella, Operation Survive, I’m doing as part of Amazon’s Kindle World Extinction Cycle Series.  It’s the first zombie book that features an Asian American protagonists (at least that I know of).

To help me stay motivated, I got the cover done and LOVE LOVER LOVE it. I hope my writing can live up to the cover!  The book will be launched on October 19 of this year. More info to come. Stay tuned.

Operation Survive FINAL


(If you like this cover, check out Covers by Christian. Very reasonable, talented, and easy to work with.)

And if you’re into zombie books, check out the source material, Extinction Cycle. I’ve said it a few times before and I’ll say it again, one of the best zombie books and series I’ve ever read. Hands down. And a bonus, it features a diverse cast of good guys, which I think we all know is pretty rare.


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