CounterPlot — New Podcast — Looking for Interviewees


I’ve been working with my partner and co-host Mustafa Rony Zeno on a new podcast called CounterPlot.

CounterPlot is a podcast demystifying off beat ideas, theories, and world views. The show looks to understand what informs these ideas both from the outside world and the inner workings of the people who hold them.

Do you believe in aliens, ghosts, and/or Secret Societies? Are you strongly pro or against Blue Lives Matter?  If you have a strong opinion that goes against mainstream America, we’re looking for you!

We’re hoping to interview people for the first season. Out goal isn’t to debate or argue or make anyone look stupid, we want to hear how YOUR beliefs connects to YOUR story.

Please message me at if you are interested or have any questions. Or feel free to pass this to someone you know who might be interested. Right now we’re looking for people in the Southern California area first, but if you have a great story, please reach out!

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