Canadian Broadcasting Interview


This is a bit old… but worth a post. I was interviewed about hair. Check out the article or listen to the article HERE.

As a kid, Koji Steven Sakai was already dealing with the stereotype that Asian men are emasculated and his lack of body hair didn’t help. He recalls being on one date where a woman told him it was “like dating a little boy.”

“I desperately wanted hair all over my body. A lot of people equated this idea of having hair with masculinity and I wanted to be seen as a man, as being tough,” Koji says. So, he tried shaving everyday in hopes that his facial hair would grow in fuller and stronger and he would one day be able to grow a great beard.

Koji is now married and has a young son. He doesn’t worry as much as he used to about the amount of hair on his body and how it relates to his masculinity. Now, he’s more concerned about his child. “I would like my son not to have to worry. I think it’s important for him to like himself and to be OK with whatever his body looks like.

They found me because of the 8Asians body hair article.

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