Looking for Interns

Want to learn how to produce a film? What better way than to just do it. I’m looking for interns to help me as I embark on producing a few films (both narrative and documentaries) in 2019.

I’m looking for energetic and detail orientated folks with an interest in making movies from the ground up. I promise after you finish this you’ll be able produce your own films. This is mostly remote, but we’ll have to meet regularly in person so please be around South Pasadena or at least within driving distance.

No pay. But if you put in work on the project, you’ll get a real credit on it. And if you are going to school I’d be happy to make arrangements so you can get credit.

I’m looking for at least a six month commitment.

If you are interested, please email me at ksakai1@gmail.com with your resume and why you are the perfect person to do this!

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