Casting: Last Girl

Casting a mumblecore feature film about a woman who survives a mass murder at her work retreat, only to experience the same things happening to her again 6 months after the incident.

Here is a bit more about the character of Nate:
Nate: 30s, very attractive and charismatic, but totally full of himself. Veronica’s long term boyfriend. He is a terrible psychotherapist, totality by the book never tries to understand emotions, always assumes he is great at empathy. He is head over heels about Veronica, but had not been loyal because Veronica refuses to have sex with him. He is clueless most of the time.

For the first round, please self tape the following:

Improvise a scene where you are in room with a group of people that are trying to find the killer where:

A girl whom you hooked up with in the past is blaming you for being the killer
The love of your life, your long time girl friend is among the group and she doesn’t know you hooked up with her co-worker, the girl.
You are a psychotherapist, so you are trying to manipulate emotions and claims, though you are failing.
You are very self confident.
You don’t think anyone in the room is the killer.

A few notes:
Send your self-tapes as soon as possible
Don’t worry about the quality of the video, however, make sure we can see and hear you.
This is a mumblecore movie, which means that the whole movie is improvised. We have a few of the major beats thought out but everything else is up to the actors, YOU. If you aren’t comfortable with this, let us know now.
This is a super super super low budget production, so we’re going to be shooting this quick. Be prepared to work hard and fast.
This is a nonunion production, so if you’re union and you want to participate, that’s up to you.
Please note that we will not pay for travel.

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