Zombie Run Review (This one is good) :)

Zombie Run got a great review over at Horror Bound.

“Perkins and Sakai offer up a truly original concept, in that life goes on even when everyone around you has perished or views you as a tasty treat – even if that life involves shuffling around, emotionless and going through the motions for lack of something better to do. Zombie Run does well to highlight the fact that all of us are slaves – or zombies – to our modern lives, and suddenly having no heart beat doesn’t change that fact. We find comfort in our routines and safety in that with which we are familiar, undead or not.”

“(Zombie Run) is ultimately an exciting and unique zombie tale that entertains throughout, addressing issues like human-zombie sex, being able to call yourself by any name you choose, and the reality of surviving on a diet of cow brains. Perkins and Sakai are very adept at character development, adding layers to their characters that serve to hook the reader completely, evoking sadness, laughter (which is no surprise, given Perkins’ work as a stand-up comedian), hope and excitement until the very end. For any fan of the zombie genre, Zombie Run is a must-read and comes in at 4/5 stars from this reviewer.”

To read the rest of the review go to: https://www.horrorbound.net/blog/2019/8/14/zombie-run-spooky-reads

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