The Unofficial Official Story Episode #2: What IS the story of the Mothman? with Guest Comedian Kristin Key

This month the Unofficial Official Story team brought on their very first guest, comedian Kristin Key, to help them examine the alleged 1966 Mothman sightings in West Virginia. The team asks: what IS the story of the Mothman? Listen to the episode to find out the “official” story. 

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Aliens? Bigfoot? Slender Man? QAnon? The grassy knoll? The Zodiac Killer? We’ve heard all the stories and hypotheses trying to explain the unexplainable before, but what’s really going on? Join comedian Dwayne Perkins, writer Koji Steven Sakai, actress Jennifer Field, and their guests as they sift through the facts… and the fiction… to come up with the “official” story.


Our team of researchers do most of its “research” on the Internet, so take our “facts” for what they are. With that in mind, much of our information we got for this episode was gleaned from the following sources:

In addition, we all watched the documentary, Mothman Point Pleasant by Lyle Blackburn on Amazon Prime, 


The sound effects and music was obtained from with additional music by WorldTaur.

Hosts: Jennifer Field, Dwayne Perkins, and Koji Steven Sakai

Produced by Koji Steven Sakai

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