Guy Code Episode #59 Comedian Vinayak Pal

Host Koji Steven Sakai brought on comedian Vinayak Pal. Listen to the episode to find out Vinayak’s advice to Koji’s kid – which included don’t let your girlfriend tell you you can’t go hang out at a bar and watch sports!

Also, since this podcast has become monthly (instead of weekly), the episodes are now being edited and mixed! Hope you enjoy the new and improved audio!


Vinayak Pal is an award-winning author of the book Comedy Is No Joke! The Stand-up Comic’s Guide to Success. He has performed with Russell Peters, Kabir Singh (Comedy Central), Camille Solari (Comedy Central), Mark Brazill (Co-Creator of that 70’s Show), and some other cool comics.  

You can see what Vinayak is doing at

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About Us

Koji wanted to impart all of his “wisdom” to his son. But of course, his son already thinks he knows more than me. So instead of trying to tell him now and having it go in one ear and out the other, he decided to record them here with the hopes that maybe… just maybe… when he’s ready, he’ll listen to his advice in the future and not make the same stupid mistakes he did. He’ll also bring on guests to impart their advice as well.  Koji has no doubt their advice will be better than his.

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