Unofficial Official Story Podcast Episode #12 Was Gangster rap created and pushed to send more people to prison? W/rapper Ras Kass

For our last episode of the season, we brought on rap icon and superstar Ras Kass joined the Unofficial Official Story team to answer the question: Was Gangster rap created and pushed to send more people to prison? Listen to the episode to find out the “official” story.

We got a little carried away with our conversation with Ras because he’s such an interesting person with amazing stories. If you want to go straight to the “official facts,” skip to around minute 17.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST Ras Kass is considered a critics darling, a Hip Hop purists’ archetype & a rapper’s worst nightmare; his nom de plume is literally “Your favorite rappers, Favorite Rapper”. He is a lyricist, published author, Exec Producer, SAG actor, ghostwriter, Voice-over actor, music consultant, Public Speaker, and Urban Philosopher.

Ras recently received a B+ GPA in the recently-Viral “Hip Hop Report Card” from Old School Legend, Kool Moe Dee.

He’s worked with these greats: Dr. Dre to Dj Premiere, The Rza to Kanye West; from Apollo Brown, The Alchemist to multiple Grammy award-winning funk producer Jack Splash. and collaborated with elite rappers members Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, Jay Z, 2Chainz, The Lox, Ice T, Too Short, Talib Kweli and too many more to name.







Aliens? Bigfoot? Slender Man? QAnon? The grassy knoll? The Zodiac Killer? We’ve heard all the stories and hypotheses trying to explain the unexplainable before, but what’s really going on? Join comedian Dwayne Perkins, writer Koji Steven Sakai, actress Jennifer Field, and their guests as they sift through the facts… and the fiction… to come up with the “official” story.


Our team of researchers do most of its “research” on the Internet, so take our “facts” for what they are. With that in mind, much of the information we got for this episode was gleaned from the following sources:



The sound effects and music are from with additional music by WorldTaur.

Hosts: Jennifer Field, Dwayne Perkins, and Koji Steven Sakai

Edited and Produced by Koji Steven Sakai

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