Unofficial Official Story NEW EPISODE

In episode 9 of season 2, podcasters Jozlyn Rocki and Lloyd Waller joined the Unofficial Official Story team to answer the question: What happened to Eastern Airlines Flight 401? In this episode, we try to figure out if flight 401 was really haunted, how the hell they can reuse aircraft wreckage but not baby seats, and mostly importantly who they would haunt in their own lives (assuming ghosts are real and they had a choice).

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Jozlyn Rocki founded, pro duces and hosts Keeping Up With Chaos podcast, a fun, for entertainment, Indie podcast where she brings on a rotating guest co-hosts to have conversations with all different & diverse guests to chat about, well Chaos, because everyone has a story to share. She also produces Raising Healthy Humans podcast & voices the Intro.  Recently, Jozlyn co-created and co-hosts a new podcast with 4 other voice & screen actors, From The Booth And Beyond podcast, where they document their lives, inside & outside the booth, from the very start of their voice/acting journeys. 

Lloyd is the Co-creator & Host of the Broke Black & Bored Podcast, Media Specialist, voice actor,  improv newbie, and first time DM for an absolute MESS of a homebrew DND campaign.


Our researchers do most of their “research” on the Internet, so take our “facts” for what they are. With that in mind, much of the information we got for this episode was gleaned from the following sources:







What are “they” not telling us? We’ll find out, figure out, and, when all else fails, make up the missing pieces to some of the most scandalous conspiracies, unexplained phenomena, and true crime affecting our world today. Join comedian Dwayne Perkins, writer Koji Steven Sakai, and actress Jennifer Field on The Unofficial Official Story Podcast every month, and by the end of each episode, we’ll tell you what’s really…maybe…happening. 


Intro and outro song was created by Brian “Deep” Watters. You can hear his music at

Hosts: Dwayne Perkins and Koji Steven Sakai

Written by Koji Steven Sakai

Edited and Produced by Koji Steven Sakai

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