S3E2: The Smiley Face Killer A Midwest Mystery with Jasmine Ellis

Welcome to the latest episode of Unofficial Official Story! Today, we’re diving into a chilling topic – the possibility of a serial killer targeting young men in the Midwest and leaving a happy face where they dispose of the bodies.

Our hosts, Koji Steven Sakai, Dwayne Perkins, and Cat Alvarado, are joined by a special guest, comedian Jasmine Ellis. Together, they explore the smiley face murder theory, the victims’ common characteristics, and the difficulty of drowning someone.

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Our researchers do most of their “research” on the Internet, so take our “facts” for what they are. With that in mind, much of the information we got for this episode was gleaned from the following sources:









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What are “they” not telling us? We’ll find out, figure out, and, when all else fails, make up the missing pieces to some of the most scandalous conspiracies, unexplained phenomena, and true crime affecting our world today. Join comedian Dwayne Perkins, writer Koji Steven Sakai, and comedian/actor/writer Cat Alvarado on The Unofficial Official Story Podcast every month, and by the end of each episode, we’ll tell you what’s really…maybe…happening. 


The intro and outro song was created by Brian “Deep” Watters. You can hear his music at https://soundcloud.com/deepwatters.

Hosts: Cat Alvarado, Dwayne Perkins, and Koji Steven Sakai

Written by Koji Steven Sakai

Edited and Produced by Koji Steven Sakai

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