Interpretations 2.0

I wrote one of the entries to Interpretations 2.0, Stan Lee’s Vault. Check it out and make sure you watch the whole thing so we get credit.

Here’s a little about the contest:
You Offend Me You Offend My Family is launching the 2.0 version of Interpretations – a short film initiative to encourage aspiring Asian American filmmakers to develop their own original and unique voice. All participants will create a short film using the same four-line original script. The point of this exercise will be to encourage filmmakers to find their own take on the material and to be as creative with it as they can. The script will be broad and fluid enough so that one director could craft a comedy from it, another a stylish music video, another an action film, another an avant-garde work of animation and so on.

Director: Shane Walsh
Story by Chris Pearson and Koji Steven Sakai
Writer: Koji Steven Sakai
Producer: Marlene Kuo-Morinaga
Editor: Shane Walsh
Main Cast:
Chun Li Cosplayer – Nikki Soohoo
Blond Black Widow Cosplayer– Vera Vanguard
Day of the Dead Cosplayer – Elena Arciga

Synopsis: Cosplay characters break in and steal the contents of Stan Lee’s secret vault with unforeseen consequences.

Director’s Statement: I grew up reading comic books and Marvel comics were always my favorite. I started going to comic book conventions when I was 12 years old. This story combines all the things I love along with a bit about the mystery behind how Stan Lee has stayed so youthful over all these years.

Director’s bio: Born in Chicago Illinois, Shane started working on filming and video projects at 13 years old working alongside his uncle. He fell in love with the process of filmmaking and went to Columbia College Chicago where he excelled at creating short films. Shane placed his filmmaking goals to the side for a few years to raise a family, but he’s now come back to the place he was meant to be starting with this contest.

Click here to check out the short

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