Guy Code Episode #58 with Filmmaker Judy Jean Kwon

Host Koji Steven Sakai brought on filmmaker and mother Judy Jean Kwon aka: Yo Mama Rice. Listen to the episode to find out Judy’s advice to Koji’s kid.


Judy Jean Kwon grew up in a Korean-American video store where she fell in love with the art of filmmaking and storytelling. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is a daughter of Korean immigrants. She split her time between Korea and America as a child and not feeling like she belonged anywhere, “one foot in the east and one foot in the west”, she turned to the music and the arts. She started acting when she was 17. After 5 years of acting training, she went on to a successful commercial career, breaking the mold for Asian-American actors by taking on non-stereotypical roles. One of her first jobs was with Tarsem in the famous “Philip’s flat TV” commercial where she proudly beat out over 300 Caucasian actors and landed the lead.

She broke doors for ethnic actors and competed against non-Asian actresses. She recalls that there weren’t enough parts for Asians and she did not want to take their work. Unusual and uniquely beautiful, she went on to model for Herb Ritts, Steven Meisel, and acted in over 100 commercials.

She has a scripted comedy series “MILFriend” that she created and acted in that just released on WhoHaha, Elizabeth Banks’ platform for funny women, and has several ethnically diverse projects that are currently in development.

Kwon participated in the ABC’s director fellowship, studied cinema at LACC, photography at Santa Monica College, and writing at UCLA.

Kwon’s mission is to give voice to the voiceless and tell stories of the underdogs that are ignored. She is passionate about women’s rights and immigrant stories.Follow, watch, and see what she’s up to at:

@yoMamaRice IG and FB

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Koji wanted to impart all of his “wisdom” to his son. But of course, his son already thinks he knows more than me. So instead of trying to tell him now and having it go in one ear and out the other, he decided to record them here with the hopes that maybe… just maybe… when he’s ready, he’ll listen to his advice in the future and not make the same stupid mistakes he did. He’ll also bring on guests to impart their advice as well.  Koji has no doubt their advice will be better than his.

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