guy code Episode #62 Life Advice with Comedian Nishy XL

Host Koji Steven Sakai brought on comedian and mom Nishy Xl. Listen to the episode to find out what advice Nishy had for Koji’s son. Some of the advice included how to deal with other people’s advice, the importance of mentorships, fear, having fun, and being careful of the drug known as love. Also, as a bonus, Koji tells everyone about his past life hypnosis session!


Nishy XL is a first-generation Indian/Pakistani-American comedian who has performed at clubs and various corporate and private events. She’s a former sketch writer for the Second City Hollywood, and as an SC house cast member, she wrote and performed a comedic sketch revue. In 2020 she placed in the top 10 in the National Comedy Open, was in the finals in the US Comedy Contest by Audience favorite vote, and took home the “Spirit of Comedy” Medal at the 2021 Gutty’s Indiana Clean Comedy Challenge. She also regularly opens and hosts shows for Dat Phan, the original winner of Last Comic Standing.

Comedy is her absolute passion. She hosts mics that help comedians hone their Stand Up and joke-writing skills. Nishy resides in Los Angeles with her baby, Samara Nova, and her husband, Austin.

Twitter: @nishycomedy

IG: @nishyxl

FB: /N1shy

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Koji wanted to impart all of his “wisdom” to his son. But of course, his son already thinks he knows more than me. So instead of trying to tell him now and having it go in one ear and out the other, he decided to record them here with the hopes that maybe… just maybe… when he’s ready, he’ll listen to his advice in the future and not make the same stupid mistakes he did. He’ll also bring on guests to impart their advice as well.  Koji has no doubt their advice will be better than his.

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